AAUW of Virginia Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: Creating a Feeling of Belonging


Keynote (Idella Glenn)

Inclusion and AAUW Branches (Cyndi Shanahan) 

Unconscious (Implicit) Bias (Denise Murden)       Worksheet accompanying Slide 13

Workshop Activity: Silent Interviews (Barbara Craig)

Workshop Activity: Unearned Privilege Exercise/Privilege Walk (Idella Glenn & Marj Easterling

Workshop Activity: DIE+K New Yorker Facilitator Guide  (Terry Stefffin)        DIE +K Definitions Chart

DIE+K New Yorker Covers Used in Activity

List of Books to Enrich Your Knowledge of Diversity and  Inclusion

Resources for Group Discussions Regarding the Book Waking Up White by Debby Irving Resource #1   Resource #2      Debby Irving TED Talk

Inclusion Icebreakers and Activities

Inclusion Discussion Ideas and Tips

Links to Web Resources

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Dictionary


Black Women in the Workplace

Foster Belonging on Your Campus (or in your branch!)

The Answer to Diversity and Inclusion (in the workplace and elsewhere)