AAUW Funds

Caroline Pickens, AAUW Funds Chair

Where Do Your Contributions Go?

When you donate to AAUW Funds, your contribution is used to advance AAUW’s mission by sustaining all of AAUW’s programs and activities.  Members are encouraged to make their donation unrestricted so it may be used wherever the greatest need is.  In 2017 Virginia branches contributed $83,031.29.

Top Ten Virginia Branches in 2017 AAUW Funds Donations

  1. McLean Area                       $23,618.00
  2. Falls Church Area                 $9,717.63
  3. Mt. Vernon                            $6,243.00
  4. Alexandria                             $5,726.12
  5. Virginia Beach                       $5,500.00
  6. Arlington                                $4,875.00
  7. Springfield-Annandale         $4,661.00
  8. Reston-Herndon                   $4,108.00
  9. Greater Richmond                $3,082.00
  10. Fairfax City                              $3,014.00

Online contributions are the quickest and easiest to do, and members are encouraged to utilize this method.  A simple way to donate is to set up a monthly contribution, however small, which will add up in the end.  Checks through the branch take up to 4 weeks to be credited.

Recognition of contributions is based on the calendar year.  In order to be tax deductible for the year, contributions must be received by December 31; to be safe, send contributions by December 15.  Only those contributions received by December 31 will be credited to the branch for that year.

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