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2021 Election: Important Dates

Critical Race Theory explained in the Virginia Pilot

 On the 25th anniversary of the landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States in a 7-1 decision struck down the male-only admissions policy of the Virginia Military Institute with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg writing for the majority, AAUW of Virginia makes a statement.


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Note: Even thought the 2021 General Assembly session is over, we  encourage you to contact your delegate/senator to remind them about the gender pay gap and discuss measures to close it, including banning questions about salary history, to strengthen economic security for women and families.  Salary History Fact Sheet

January 21, 2020: The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is proud to announce its gender policy agenda, which outlines our priority issues for the 2020 election season. As a non-partisan organization, AAUW does not endorse specific candidates, but throughout our 140-year history, we have been a staunch advocate for policies that improve the lives of girls, women and their families. Here’s what AAUW would like to see implemented to advance gender equality in education and the workplace.  Find the Gender Policy Agenda here.

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                 2020-2022 AAUW of Virginia PUBLIC POLICY PRIORITIES

Equality, Individual Rights, and Social Justice

  • Support additional actions, as required, so that the ERA becomes the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • Support access to civil and constitutional rights, including affirmative action and voting rights
  • Support measures to ensure fair, nonpartisan redistricting, and transparency in government
  • Support self-determination of women’s health decisions, including reproductive rights
  • Assure freedom from violence and fear of violence, including bullying, hate crimes, sexual harassment, and human trafficking
  • Advocate for diversity and inclusion as mission-based values

Economic Security

  • Support adoption of measures to close the gender pay gap and promote fairness in compensation and benefits
  • Support equitable access and advancement in employment and leadership opportunities for women
  • Advocate for quality, affordable health care and family planning services, dependent care, and paid family, medical and sick leave
  • Support a livable minimum wage standard


  • Support Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to education
  • Provide adequate and equitable funding for quality public education for all students
  • Oppose use of public funds for nonpublic elementary and secondary schools and to charter schools that do not adhere to the civil rights and accountability standards required of other public schools
  • Promote and protect programs that meet the educational needs of girls and women at all levels, including STEM fields
  • Increase support for and access to affordable higher education for women and disadvantaged populations


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