AAUW of Virginia Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Krysta Jones and Meg Tuccillo,

Co-Vice Presidents for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AAUW seeks to promote inclusion and awareness for all members to create an equitable, sustainable and inclusive membership reflective of today’s world.

Five Ways to Avoid Whitewashing the Civil Rights Movement | Learning for Justice

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT) and why is it being talked about so much? Check out these explanations of CRT and the current controversy:

American Bar Association
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Critical Race Theory: A Primer (Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, members of the original movement, have written a primer for nonlawyers that makes the now sprawling literature of critical race theory easily accessible to the beginner.) This brief book would be good for a discussion group since there are discussion questions at the end and suggested readings.
Answering Your Questions About CRT (Five PBS News Hour 2-minute Videos)

Collaborating with women of color is a great way to get to know each other and possibly present programs together.  National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) is an organization with sections (like our branches) all around Virginia.  Click on this link to see if a section is in your community.

Supporting Black-owned businesses is a way to support the whole Black community.  Here is a list with links to 150 such businesses.

DE&I Resources Powerpoint Presentation Feb 2021

Confronting Prejudice: How to Protect Yourself and Help Others | Pepperdine Online California

Resources to Help Empower Asian and Pacific Islander Communities 


The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness by Kelli Harding, 2019, 272 pages
Discover an eye-opening and provocative new way to look at our health based on the latest groundbreaking discoveries in the science of compassion, kindness, and human connection. As Dr. Kelli Harding reveals in this eye-opening book, the rabbits were just the beginning of a much larger story. Groundbreaking new research shows that love, friendship, community, life’s purpose, and our environment can have a greater impact on our health than anything that happens in the doctor’s office. For instance, chronic loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day; napping regularly can decrease one’s risk of heart disease; and people with purpose are less likely to get sick. Through provocative storytelling and compelling research, Harding presents a new model for you to take charge of your health.

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown, 2018 192 pages

Austin Channing Brown’s first encounter with a racialized America came at age seven, when she discovered her parents named her Austin to deceive future employers into thinking she was a white man. Growing up in majority-white schools and churches, Austin writes, “I had to learn what it means to love blackness,” a journey that led to a lifetime spent navigating America’s racial divide as a writer, speaker, and expert helping organizations practice genuine inclusion.

In a time when nearly every institution (schools, churches, universities, businesses) claims to value diversity in its mission statement, Austin writes in breathtaking detail about her journey to self-worth and the pitfalls that kill our attempts at racial justice. Her stories bear witness to the complexity of America’s social fabric—from Black Cleveland neighborhoods to private schools in the middle-class suburbs, from prison walls to the boardrooms at majority-white organizations.

Study Questions:

Second study guide:

AAUW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit

One of the goals of the updated (2020) AAUW Strategic Plan is to “embody the goals and spirit of inclusion, diversity and intersectionality across all AAUW activities and participants.” The Diversity and Equity Committee was focused on this goal as the Toolkit was developed.  Read Kim Churches’ s statement about this here.

The AAUW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) resources aim to identify best practices for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within AAUW. These resources present guidelines for how AAUW branches, national members, student members and individual members can demonstrate an understanding of AAUW’s mission, values, goals and strategic plan. It is meant to start the inclusion conversation. We encourage all members to seek ways to incorporate inclusive practices into their branches and daily life.

AAUW of Virginia has begun removing items from our resource list below as we find them duplicated in the toolkit.  Duplicate items are indicated by a strikethrough.

Feb. 10, 2021: Governor Northam Announces Second Report on Systemic Bias in Virginia Law

“Our Commonwealth remains focused on acknowledging and righting the wrongs of our past,” said Governor Northam. “This latest report makes clear that there is still work to do to shed the ugly remnants of Virginia’s history. The Commission is already having a significant impact on our shared legislative priorities and I look forward to continuing our partnership to build a more honest, equitable, and inclusive future for all.”  FULL REPORT

Disproportionate Load

Hispanics have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in Virginia. While they make up 10 percent of the population, Hispanics account for more than one-third of confirmed cases in which the race of persons tested were reported.  See the visual breakdown.

What Virginia Localities are Doing


Race and Social Equity FAQs  (Alexandria)


Me and White Supremecy by Layla Saad
Here is an NPR article on this one

The Color of Law – by Richard Rothstein
Here is an article from NPR that discusses the book:   https://www.npr.org/2017/05/17/528822128/the-color-of-law-details-how-u-s-housing-policies-created-segregation

Diversity Training Games and Exercises

National Museum of African American History and Culture: Talking About Race.

Keynote (Idella Glenn)

Inclusion and AAUW Branches (Cyndi Shanahan) 

Unconscious (Implicit) Bias (Denise Murden)       Worksheet accompanying Slide 13

Workshop Activity: Silent Interviews (Barbara Craig)

Workshop Activity: Unearned Privilege Exercise/Privilege Walk (Idella Glenn & Marj Easterling

Workshop Activity: DIE+K New Yorker Facilitator Guide  (Terry Stefffin)        DIE +K Definitions Chart

DIE+K New Yorker Covers Used in Activity

List of Books to Enrich Your Knowledge of Diversity and  Inclusion

18 Books Every White Ally Should Read

Reading List for Racial Equity

Resources for Group Discussions Regarding the Book Waking Up White by Debby Irving Resource #1   Resource #2

  Debby Irving TED Talk: Finding Myself in the Story or Race

Resource #3:  21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

Inclusion Icebreakers and Activities

Inclusion Discussion Ideas and Tips

Links to Web Resources

Equal Justice Initiative

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Dictionary

Anti Racism Resources

Non-profit Learning Lab

Website for resources on films, videos, books: Challenging Racism


Diversity Training Steps into the Future With Virtual Reality. (Technology companies are leveraging virtual reality software meant to address issues with diversity and inclusion.)

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Talking About Race (National Museum of African American History & Culture)

Racial Equity Task Force releases final report, suggests 12 initiatives to promote racial equity at U.Va.

NYT Review of CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson

New Yorker Review of the new book CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson

Omar Johnson NYTimes June 14, 2020

Mapping Our Roles in Social Change Ecosystems (2020)

Race is the Child of Racism

Five Phrases Your Black Friend Wishes You’d Stop Using

Beyond Contact Without Fellowship 

Racism 101

10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism 

33 Books With Black Heroes & Characters That Every Kid Should Read

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Foster Belonging on Your Campus (or in your branch!)

The Answer to Diversity and Inclusion (in the workplace and elsewhere)


Global Health Institute for Women’s Leadership (London) “Gender & the Currect Crisis”.  It’s just an hour and so worth the watch (May 13, 2020.)

VIDEOS/DOCUMENTARIES (Click on each to learn more, or to view)

Black Women and Criminal (In)justice: Missing Voices in the U.S. Incarceration Conversation

Segregated by Design: The Color of Law

Nick News Presents Kids, Race & Unity, Hosted by Alicia Keys

First broadcast of “Tell Me More” on PBS with Brian Stevenson (Just Mercy)

Holy Post–Race In America

Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man (Videos)

Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes