Summer Leadership Meeting

The July 25, 26, 27  Zoom sessions are over. 

See below each day for notes/resources, in green.

Over the course of the three days, participants in our Zoomed Summer Leadership Meeting (SLM) heard from an exciting variety of speakers on the AAUW mission-related topics described below.

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Day 1: Saturday, July 25      

Keynote: “Lead Smarter, Not Harder”
Don’t you wish you could do this?  The Professional Development Consortium of Hampton Roads (PDCHR) provides education for volunteer leaders of membership groups like AAUW of Virginia.  Mark Bowers, PDCHR Founder and Executive Director, will share practical advice on how to lead smarter, not harder.

Resources for this topic from Mark Bowers.

The 2020 AAUW Update 
Suzanne Rothwell, newly-elected AAUW-VA Co-President, will provide an overview on AAUW’s progress in moving to a healthier financial foundation, as well as highlight important achievements in the organization.

AAUW 5-Star National Recognition Program
Find out how the Reston-Herndon (Janine Greenwood), Virginia Beach (Jeanette Olson and Tammie Mullins-Rice), and Woodbridge (Susan Bardenhagen) branches achieved recognition in the AAUW 5-Star National Recognition Program. Listen to their tips for your branch.

Roadmap for Five Star Status from the 5 Star Program Presentation from Day 1.  Contact  Janine Greenwood of the Reston-Herndon Branch, for more information.  

Day 2: Sunday, July 26       

Advocacy is one of the tools we use to implement AAUW’s mission of “advancing equity for women and girls.” Our speakers on Day 2 discuss elements of AAUW’s public policy program and advocacy efforts on both the national and state levels, focusing in on AAUW-VA public policy plans for 2020-21.

Public Policy and Legal Advocacy—The AAUW Way
There’s no one better than Kate Nielson, AAUW Director of Public Policy and Legal Advocacy, to highlight for us recent changes, current status, and future plans for public policy and legal advocacy at AAUW; discuss the Gender Agenda; and talk about the leadership role branches play in promoting AAUW’s public policy priorities.

“Using Legislation to Reduce the Gender-Based Wage Gap in Virginia”
Madison Roberts, who just received her Master of Public Policy degree at UVA, prepared her capstone research project on the gender-based wage gap in Virginia for AAUW-VA. Thanks to Madison for her excellent study. She’ll walk us through her research and recommendations for state legislation to reduce the gender pay gap.

Madison Roberts’ capstone research report, “Using Legislation to Reduce the Gender Based Wage Gap in Virginia” 

2020-2021 AAUW-VA Public Policy Blueprint
Listen to what Susan Burk and Denise Murden, AAUW-VA Co-Vice Presidents for Public Policy, have developed as a blueprint for our public policy activities for the coming year, and come away with ideas on what actions your branch can take.

PowerPoint Presentation by Susan Burk and Denise Murden

Day 3: Monday, July 27, 2020    

On June 1, 2020, AAUW CEO Kim Churches issued an inspiring call to our organization to take action against racism:                                   

“On behalf of our 170,000 members and supporters, we commit to fighting for justice, long-term and lasting change, and we stand in solidarity against racism. We also acknowledge that as an organization we have our own work to do.”

Day 3 brings together diversity, equity, and inclusion experts to guide us in taking actions against racism.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Listen to Dr. Janice Underwood, who was appointed by Governor Ralph Northam as the Commonwealth of Virginia’s first cabinet-level Chief, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. This position is the first of its kind in the nation. Dr. Underwood will discuss the One Virginia Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence and other actions she has taken, the impact of the intersection of COVID-19 and the George Floyd murder on the actions of her office, and actions for our organization to undertake to promote diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence.

One Virginia Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence
Omar Johnson NYTimes June 14, 2020

Policing Black Women’s Bodies
Join Dr. Angela Hattery and Dr. Earl Smith as they interrogate the ways in which throughout history, from slavery through 2020, Black women’s bodies have been policed both literally and symbolically. They will conclude their presentation with a “call to action.” Dr. Hattery is the Incoming Co-Director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Gender-Based Violence and Professor of Women and Gender Bias at the University of Delaware. Dr. Smith is Professor Emeritus of American Ethnic Studies and Sociology at Wake Forest University.

Powerpoint Presentation Policing Black Women’s Bodies

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