Recent Events

Summer Leadership Meeting   July 27, 2019, Harrisonburg

Suzanne Rothwelll, left, Bylaws and Resolutions Chair
Carol Stephens, right, Co-President

The Summer Leadership Conference presentation slides are available for viewing and obtaining information you may have missed.  

Our Co-Presidents have an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch February 19, with this headline:

Stephens and Tourigny column: One man blocks gender equality. Democracy requires debate and a vote.  READ HERE.

AAUW was there for the ERA Rally February 14, 2019, in Richmond!  The photo below shows a few of us.  Carol Stephens, state Co-President is on the far left

Lobby Day February 7, 2019

Some of our participants on February 7: (L to R) Patsy Quick (Mt. Vernon), Becky Gaul (Falls Ch), Pam Martinov (Falls Ch), Ann Sauberman (Springfield Annandale) Susan Burk (Springfield Annandale) Sara Anderson (Arlington) Irene McGhee (Springfield Annandale), Kitty Richardson (Falls Ch)                    Barbara Woodlee (VA Bch)
LOBBY DAY on February 7 was hugely successful!  Twenty four AAUW of Virginia members from around the state distributed packets of information on the pay gap, family medical leave, fair redistricting and helping the victims of human trafficking.  We were able to speak to a record number of legislators or aides since there were fewer other groups visiting on this day. 

 More photos of Lobby Day

AAUW of Virginia Reception Celebrating the Women of the Virginia General Assembly, February 6, and Lobby Day February 7 in  Richmond

The Reception for the Women of the General Assembly was lovely with 11 legislators and/or aides attending, along with many AAUW of Virginia members who came to attend Lobby Day, as well.  Kate Nielson, AAUW State Policy Counsel, was there and spoke about AAUW’s priorities and trends that are occurring around the country.  This was a  larger group than last year, so we were proud.  Thanks to the Greater Richmond Branch, Co-VPs for Public Policy Susan Burk and Sylvia Rogers, and the other state board members who assisted in the preparation for this reception.

Photos of the Reception

AAUW VA Distributes “Unfinished Business” to Legislators in Richmond, January 16, 2019


Twenty AAUW VA members delivered “Unfinished Business” to all legislators in the Virginia General Assembly, urging them to ratify the ERA.  It was an exciting morning!  Many members visited their own legislators afterwards, to thank them for supporting the ERA or to urge them to give support.