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AAUW Alexandria Branch On-the-Go With AAUW TV Show
AAUW Funds in Virginia
AAUW of Virginia Board of Directors Handbook 2014-2016
AAUW of Virginia Branch Board Job Descriptions
AAUW of Virginia Branch Bylaws
AAUW of Virginia Branch Orientation Program in a Box
AAUW of Virginia Budget
AAUW of Virginia Bylaws as restated November 6, 2016
AAUW of Virginia Conference Planning Guide (2016)
AAUW of Virginia  History
AAUW of Virginia State Board Minutes
AAUW of Virginia Program Resource Center (Local branch program ideas)
AAUW of Virginia Public Policy Priorities 2016-2018
AAUW of Virginia Strategic Plan 2013-2015
Elevator Pitch
From Vision to Reality


AAUW Resources

AAUW’s Impact in Virginia (Fiscal Year 2014)
(all the “how to’s”)
History (formerly Online Museum
Legal Advocacy Fund
Media Guide (find and contact local media)
Member Services Database
utlook (AAUW’s membership magazine)
Program Resources
Programs in a Box
Public Policy
Resources and Tools
Site-Resources Branch/State Website Services

Other Resources

National Women’s History Project
Turning Point Suffragist Memorial